Years 7-12

Year 7

Puberty Q & A

Topics include – puberty changes, hormones & mood, impact on relationships

Settling into Secondary

Topics include – Helpful/unhelpful friends, social media, decision making, sharing images, the law

Year 8

Need To Know

Topics include – difference & diversity, respect for self & others, body image, contraception, sexually transmitted infections

Year 9

Understanding Sex & relationships

Topics include – consent, the law, screen sex/real sex, sexual pressure, characteristics of healthy/unhealthy relationships, body image

Years 10-12

Pornography. Why? Why Not?

A presentation to help understand the power of this industry, the increasing aggression towards women and the effects on self, others & relationships.


Look Out - Presentation

A presentation to help students understand the key drivers of intimate partner abuse, and be alert to their presence in a relationship.

Topics include – jealousy, gender-based violence, peer & other influences, early warning signs, getting help