For Parents

We all want the very best life experiences for our children.

Results of the latest (6th) national sexual health survey of secondary students indicate over a third of year 10 and half of year 11 and 12 students are sexually active. (ARCSHS 2018)


Our programs encourage young people to see their adults as a trusted source of information about sex & relationships, and promote discussions at home in the context of family values.

Together we can help our young people live authentically, and have healthy relationships. Today’s children grow up in a world of overwhelming exposure to negative sexual imagery, unrealistic lifestyles and ugly double standards. They deserve better than this!

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To help you prepare for important conversations – a workshop about –

  • Childhood exposures and influences
  • Sharing values and beliefs
  • Sexual activity in teenagers
  • What teenagers need and want to know
  • An insight into pornography and the effects on young relationships
  • The law – sex, sexting & consent
  • Talking about sex and respectful relationships

Ask your school about hosting Talk Time