For Parents

We all want the very best life experiences for our children.

Results of the latest (5th) national sexual health survey of secondary students indicate over a third of year 11 and half of year 12 students are sexually active. (ARCSHS 2013)

We can help to ensure, that when the right time comes, our young people have healthy relationships. Free of worry, shame, disease, unwanted pregnancy, unwanted pressure and less heartache.  These days children grow up in a world of overwhelming exposure to negative sexual imagery, unrealistic lifestyles and ugly double standards. They deserve better than this!

About Real Life responds with programs for secondary students that will help them in their relationships and meet the challenges they may face in the adult environments they will soon be a part of.

Programs include –

  • A relationships presentation about communication, trust, negotiating intimacy and respect.
  • A wellness presentation about body health, contraception, rights & responsibilities in a sexual relationship, readiness & consent.
  • A presentation to help understand pornography, the increasing aggression towards women and effects on self, others & relationships.

If you require further information please make contact with

A program for you – Talk Time

Information for parents & carers of secondary students – your teenager’s world and sharing wisdom & values with them.

  • Sexual activity in teenagers
  • What teenagers need and want to know
  • An insight into pornography and the effects on young relationships
  • The law – sex, sexting & consent
  • How, when & where to talk to your child about sex and relationships

Ask your school about hosting Talk Time