For Primary Schools

Sexuality education begins at home and can be supported by schools as part of a broader curriculum aimed at maximising children’s health and wellbeing.

We offer classroom programs from Foundation to Year 6 as well as family evenings (adult & child) sessions for all primary levels. These are facilitated discussions between parents/carers and their children about life, bodies, safety & relationships, including one session focused on the menstrual cycle.

We also offer three specialist classroom sessions –

Friendships (year 4), Hygiene (year 5/6) and ‘What Now’ (year 6) to assist students transitioning into the secondary school environment.

All content is sensitive to and respectful of the values and beliefs of parents/carers and families and provide an excellent trigger for family discussion about human sexuality and respectful relationships.


Prep to Year 2

Topics include – People, Similarities & Differences, Bodies, Privacy & Safety

Years 3-4

Topics include – Families & Friendships, Difference & Diversity, Bodies, Starting to Change, Privacy & Safety

Years 5-6

Topics Include – Puberty – Physical, Emotional/Social, Reproduction, Privacy & Safety in the real and online world