For Secondary Schools

A survey conducted in Victoria & South Australia revealed that secondary students want more information about being in relationships, love, sexual intimacy, staying safe and understanding pornography. (UniSA 2016)

Providing the factual information students need will help to reduce confusion & stress and improve self care & confidence.

Year 7

Puberty Q & A

Topics include – puberty changes, hormones & mood, impact on relationships

Settling into Secondary

Topics include – Helpful/unhelpful friends, social media, decision making, sharing images, the law

Year 8

Need To Know

Topics include – difference & diversity, respect for self & others, body image, contraception, sexually transmitted infections

Year 9

Understanding Sex & relationships

Topics include – consent, the law, screen sex/real sex, sexual pressure, characteristics of healthy/unhealthy relationships, body image

Years 10-12

Pornography. Why? Why Not?

A presentation to help understand the power of this industry, the increasing aggression towards women and the effects on self, others & relationships.


Look Out - Presentation

A presentation to help students understand the key drivers of intimate partner abuse, and be alert to their presence in a relationship.

Topics include – jealousy, gender-based violence, peer & other influences, early warning signs, getting help

Sessions can be tailored to address a current need and are an excellent addition to an in-house pastoral care program, year level retreat/offsite experience.

Also available –   ‘Talk Time’ – Your parent/carer community will appreciate this interactive information session about the world our teens live in, and some strategies for sharing their values and wisdom about sex and relationships with them.