About Real Life is founded by Sue Pain.

“Teenagers! Their energy and curiosity is both challenging and inspiring, and I want to see them become the kind and strong adults our world needs.”

Sue has two adult daughters and a teenage son. She has been teaching adolescents for more than a generation and for the past several years she has been listening to young people in schools across Melbourne share their deepest thoughts, questions and worries about growing up, sex and relationships.

“Youth today are subjected to overwhelming amounts of information, images and opinions. Not all are helpful or accurate, so more than any generation before them, they need to be well informed, proactive in their lives and keep a positive focus on their future.”

In addition to presentations for students, Sue also runs ‘Talk Time’ – an interactive information session for parents & carers, including strategies to discuss sex and relationships with children.

About Real Life is sensitive to the diverse values and beliefs of parents and families.